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Usage areas and use case projects

The FI-PPP is covering a wide scope of usage areas through a set of use case projects that make use of the FI-PPP core platform in setting up trials of advanced Future-Internet-based services and applications. FI PPP phase 1 included 8 use case projects, and the ongoing phase 2 includes 5 use case trials, which will lead to SME-driven use case implementations in Phase 3.

Transport, logistics and agri-food

FINEST (Phase 1)

SmartAgriFood (Phase 1)

FIspace (Phase 2)

Personal mobility

Instant Mobility (Phase 1)

Social connected TV, mobile city services, and video games

FI-CONTENT (Phase 1)

FI-CONTENT 2 (Phase 2)

Smart Cities and public security

SafeCity (Phase 1)

OUTSMART (Phase 1)

Smart energy

FINSENY (Phase 1)

FINESCE (Phase 2)


ENVIROFI (Phase 1)


FITMAN (Phase 2)


FI-STAR (Phase 2)

Accelerator Projects (Phase 3)

CEED Tech (Smart cities, Energy & Environment, Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics)

CreatiFI (Media & Content)

EuropeanPioneers (Smart cities, Media & Content, Social & Learning)

FABulous (Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics)

FI-ADOPT (eHealth, Social & Learning)

FI-C3 (Smart cities, eHealth, Media & Content)

FICHe (eHealth)

Finish (Transport, Agrifood, Media & Content)

FINODEX (eHealth, Transport, Environment, Finance & Bottom-up)

FRACTALS (Agrifood)

Frontier Cities (Transport)

IMPACT (Smart cities, Media & Content, Social & Learning)

INCENSe (Smart cities, Energy & Environment)

SmartAgriFood2 (Agrifood)

SOUL-FI (Smart cities, Transport, Energy & Environment, Social & Learning)

SpeedUp (Smart cities, Energy & Environment, Agrifood)

More information on the Calls of the Phase 3-Projects!

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