Digital Agenda Assembly – Writing together the Digital Innovation Charter

The EU constantly supports several partnerships with industry in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). While public funds are being invested in research, development and innovation measures, it is crucial that the partners commit to contribute to Europe’s competitiveness and prosperity.

At the turning point of preparing for a new framework programme for research and innovation, i.e.Horizon 2020, the EU plans to invest more in innovation measures such as pilot lines, prototypes, and demonstrator activities etc.

It is important to support these additional measures with a charter laying down the commitment of industry. This would make the accountability of industry vis-à-vis the society in Europe clearer, reinforce ongoing partnerships and facilitate the launch of new ones.

This initiative reflects the High Level Group’s report on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and the provisions of Horizon 2020 on Public Private Partnerships.

Therefore, take this opportunity and make your comments to the statements below. Feel free to distinguish between actions you have done and others you foresee for the future.

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