FI Business: Startup Boot Camp @ Science & Startup Cluster Adlershof
May 1 – May 3 all-day

Dear Accelerator Managers,

FI Business is very proud to present you the 1st FIWARE Startup Boot Camp in Berlin. The 3-day event offers a broad range of seminars, workshops, networking opportunities with startups, investors, SMEs and scientist and an investment forum.

You have the opportunity to send 4 of your startups to this Boot Camp and to put two more startups on a waiting list. In case another accelerator will not use its 4 places, the startups on the waiting list will be invited to fill up the 64 places.

Every startup that is joining the boot camp has the chance to apply for one of the 20 spots in the investment forum on Sunday, 3 May 2015. All information about the application will be published soon.

Please inscribe your startups until 9th March 2015 under the following link:
Register your startups

Please advertise this boot camp to your startups with the following document:
FIWARE Boot Camp Berlin | Information Pack

The Berlin Boot Camp will take 3 days and consist of a parallel program for early and later stage startups. The aim for early stage startups is to intensively work on their business model, exchange with other European startups, develop a financing strategy and learn about team management.

The Boot Camp is open for 60 FIWARE startups from the 16 European accelerators. Additional the event will be open for another 20 interested startups and research projects.

Day 1 – Connect & Play

• Pitch Battles – two entrepreneurs at a time will pitch each other’s startup idea on stage. The audience determines who moves to the next round and who wins the price

• Team Challenge – predefined teams with potential synergies will go on a scavenger hunt that requires abilities reaching from logical thinking to social intelligence to win

Day 2 – Learn & Develop

• Seminars & Workshops – early stage workshops and seminars on specific topics like IPR, CRM, Social Media Marketing, Patents, License Management, and Team Development etc.

• One-on-one sessions – meet consultants, other startups, investors and SMEs to work on your business model, develop synergies, pitch for finance and build partnerships

Day 3 – Pitch & Sell

• Demo Investment Negotiation – experience a live investment negotiation between a startup that already received Series A funding and a superangel together with a VC investor

• Pitching Session – 20 FIWARE startups give a 5-min pitch in front of international investors for funding, feedback and fertilisation while the other startups watch and learn

All Days – Work & Pray

• Networking – all startups have the opportunity to arrange meetings at all time in a prepared networking area or to simply work on their idea

• Overnight Challenges – each night there will be a challenge that teams can apply for and work on it for 24h hours over night. The most successful startup will win a price.

We are very much looking forward to work with your startups and to offer them a great boost of their potentials.

Best regards,

Your FI Business team

Heidelberg Innovation Forum @ Studio Villa Bosch
May 20 all-day

Future Internet Pitch@HDI

PLEASE NOTE: Only founders, researchers and start-ups participating in one of the 16 FIWARE accelerators can submit a proposal for the Future Internet Pitch. The Future Internet Pitch will take place on 20th May in the morning.

You don’t know FIWARE and need more information on the accelerator projects? Go to www.fiware.org

 FIWARE entrepreneurs: Apply now!

You are a start-up, founder or entrepreneur and have been selected by one of the 16 FIWARE accelerators? You are looking for equity capital to match your FIWARE funding or you need strategic partners? You are interested in training opportunities in fields such as business modelling, financing or IPR? Then show us that your FIWARE project has what it takes to convince investors and clients! 

Apply now for the FUTURE INTERNET PITCH of the Heidelberg Innovation Forum 2015 until 13th March 2015!
Please fill in the application form which can be downloaded here.

Date and Venue

The Heidelberg Innovation Forum will take place on 20th May 2015, the FUTURE INTERNET PITCH is scheduled for the morning. Please note that the coaching day on May 19th is obligatory for the selected entrepreneurs. There is not particular sector focus in the morning session, applications from all FIWARE sectors are welcome.

10 FIWARE start-ups and founders from across Europe will be selected by a neutral jury for the pitching session, projects will be notified before 1st of April. 

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to pitch both at the Heidelberg Innovation Forum and the afternoon and at the Future Internet Pitch in the morning. Should you submit two proposals bwcon reserves the right to reject one of your proposals as appropriate. Please note that the afternoon pitches are exclusively reserved for Smart Data applicants.

For any questions concerning the application process please contact Corinna Voss, voss(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)bwcon.de